Hi there, I'm Reginald. An Information Designer.

I help entrepreneurs and professionals tell their stories through design


It is effective, not original, design that leads to better discussions. Which in turn leads to more insightful & meaningful discoveries.
I believe that being good is better than being original.


I specialize in the design of corporate communications materials. In simpler words, I help experts & professionals find the best design solutions to promote their business online and offline.

I design presentations, statements, brochures, annual reports as well as corporate identities and websites. My clients are mostly professional services providers such as financial advisors, lawyers and other specialists who need effective design solutions for real design challenges.

Visual Identity Systems

Trademark design and corresponding applications like brochures, linkedin covers, and stationary

Responsive Web Design

Websites designed for the modern audience. Mobile-friendly and focused on performance

Data Visualization

Expert Visualizations for Presentations, Reports and Newsletters or other data-centric application

I work with you and your team to understand your strategy, positioning and target audience in order to design and deploy a comprehensive solution

If you need help solving design challenges

Let's look at some completed projects

My graphic design process in 4 steps

Starting or growing a business is like putting a puzzle together. Every piece needs to fit in the right spot. Effective graphic design requires the same spirit of exploration.

I take time to understand your strategic vision & why your business is unique

A graphic designer or web designer that shows you options without having met you first, is giving you a generic product. Because of that belief, I get a clear understanding of what your vision is before we begin.

I do research on the practices and norms of your specific industry

Now that we have a decent idea of what you are looking to get done I can start my research. The goal is to make sure the marks and identity systems developed for you will be relevant and meaningful.

At this point I start exploring design concepts & their applications

First, I design prototypes that go through many iterations until there is a solution that works for you and your business. Then I fine tune the selection and plan the implementation of your project.

Discovery, Exploration and Design done, Now the relationship begins

The project does not end once your site goes lives or when you received your set of business cards. We follow-up to make sure links are working, analytics are running and your SEO strategy is yielding results.

Decisions! Decisions! What do we do now?

Well, we are now at a crossroads with 3 options. Take as much time as you want to be sure you're making the right choice

Explore Case Studies

In case you'd like to understand in bit more detail the Areginal approach to deisgn

Send me a note

Probably your best option. We can schedule a mutually convenient time to talk

Keep on Googling

Maybe I don't offer what you're currently looking for. Best of luck on your search.

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