Triple S Notary & Estate LLC

Triple S Notary & Estate provides Mobile Notary Services, Notary Signing Agent and assistance with Immigration Forms completion within New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

We were engaged to help Triple S Notary & Estate LLC create a visual identity and website. The company provides notary, notary signing agent and assistance with Immigration forms completion services within NJ and the surrounding areas. We focused on creating the identity system before designing and developing the website – We created social media cover pages for Instagram and Facebook and showed the client the possible applications of this new identity. We are excited to see what Triple S accomplishes in the future and we are ready to partner with them along the way.

The Triple S mark encompasses the company’s process driven nature. As Public Notaries, agents must follow strict guidelines to ensure their clients get what they need. The use of checklists is very common. I was also inspired by the tool every Notary carries – a stamp. I presented 3 options to my client that were based on the combination of blueprints, stamps and the name of the company.

The idea of the stamp, matched with the focus on the “estate” side of the company lead to the use of the rectangle to allude to blueprints and solid structure. Overall, this mark is simple and balanced which makes it easy to be used in many applications. 



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