BHM Celebration 2019

I designed a souvenir journal for an Annual Corporate Black History Month celebration event.
This was for a corporate Employee Resource Group / Affinity Group. In 2019, there was a very special Keynote speaker addressing the ASALH theme – Black Migrations. For this project I used artwork and poetry inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. The main pieces of art are from the iconic collection of JACOB LAWRENCE – THE MIGRATION SERIES. The ticket and the back cover of the journal feature the profound words of LANGSTON HUGHES as featured in ONE WAY TICKET. Due to limited space, employees needed to reserve seats in advance. I used that opportunity to feature more art and tie in the poetry. I leveraged the color palette from ASALH throughout the booklet. This worked really well with the palette used by Lawrence in the series. I kept the layout airy and used typography as a graphical element that would complement and not compete with the artwork


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