V-Tesse Souvenir Journal

I was engaged to design a souvenir/Ad journal for the v-tesse track club 3rd annual fund raising luncheon.
After having seen my work at another Gala, one of the owners of the the V-Tesse Track Club reached to find a way to execute on their vision to get the community engaged in the success of the young athletes. This is a win-win situation for sponsors and the club. This annual luncheon is the opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of the boys and girls and recognize them for all of the amazing work. Business owners, families and friends can support this efforts by purchasing Ad space in the journal. I leverage the existing color palette and logo of the track club. I included lines as an element to reflect the tracks. This was a great visual tool that made the design more dynamic and cohesive since the uniforms use the same motif.


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