Waverly Oaks Advisors

I was engaged to work on the corporate identity for this consulting firm providing expert services to asset managers and other financial services professionals
Waverly Oaks was looking for an identity that reflect sophistication, strength and expertise while also conveying a sense of progress and growth. I used the combination of well established typefaces to provide a sense of familiarity. A classic serif that conjures a sense of heritage paired with a modern sans serif. I decided to stack the name with the anticipation that as the company grows and evolves the “advisors” could be dropped or replaced with regional or global offices – Waverly Oaks / London; Waverly Oaks / Hong Kong. The stacked lockup works better in tight spaces. The mark is a slight departure from the traditional WordMarks ubiquitous in the financial services industry and provides great flexibility in a variety of applications. It is a leaf from an Oak tree that floating and pointing upward and forward. This dynamic icon can be scaled up or down and used on it’s own.



Garamond Premier Pro


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a b c e f g i j m n o r


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Color Palette

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