HolliWard Productions

HolliWard Productions creates unique theater experiences that inspire audiences. We worked on their visual identity and some marketing collateral

Theater productions startup based out of North Brunswick, NJ. The name of the company is a combination of the last names of the two founders, Hollinger and Edwards. Both theater enthusiasts who have worked with other production companies. They noticed there were some opportunities to improve the experience for the patrons. As a result, they partnered to create something unique. Where their guests would be inspired by the sounds, the words and the emotions.

At the core of HolliWard is the experience they want to create for everyone who buys a ticket, sees a show and becomes a fan. Of course, entertainment is very important but maybe even more important is the connection between the stories told and the audience. A very effective  method used in television and theater is “breaking the fourth wall”. This means letting the audience in on the secret. Given them “access” to the world behind the curtains.

I used a combination of line drawings inspired by well known symbols and set them on stage. The stage breaks the 4th wall and provide access to the range of emotions created by the theater experience. The rectangle is a basic shape that can be applied and expanded to many different uses for HolliWard.



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