Logos & Marks

The trademarks we designed aim to be distinctive while maintaining a sense of simplicity. As a designer, my role is to find the balance between form and function. That’s why I have designed logotypes for some clients and symbols for others. There is no ones size fits all solution in identity design. Take a look at some of the visual identities I’ve created for clients like you.

Layouts for Print & Digital

Do you really¬† believe print media is gone? Well, tell that to my mailman because my mailbox is full of booklets, statements and magazines. I’m confident that this mode of communication will be around for some time. You should be confident in your designs as well. Especially if you are trying to raise funds or create awareness of your amazing events and programs.

VTesse Track Club - 3rd Annual Fundraising Luncheon

Gift of Writing Foundation- 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala

2019 Black History Celebration - Black Migrations (keynote - Dr. Cornel West

Web Design

My clients uses their websites as a solution to a problem. As a result they need to be responsive, easy to manage, easy to scale and look great. Are you also looking to solve a problem? Do you need a better way to track your traffic? Does the look of your current site give the wrong impression?

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