Sarsi LLC

Sarsi LLC is a fee-only Investment Advisor that provides investment management and financial planning services to clients in West New York as well as New York City.

Sarsi LLC is a fee-only investment advisor that has been in business for a decade. They provide investment management and advisory services to a diverse base of clients. The company had outgrown the original identity and was looking for a comprehensive solution that would attract new investors while strengthening the relationship with existing clients.

We developed a new visual identity centered around a distinctive color scheme and created a suite of relevant applications. The project included a redesign of the existing website with a custom blog layout and basic SEO & Analytics setup, mailchimp email template, master slides for PowerPoint and Newsletter template.

At the center of the Sarsi philosophy is simplicity. The challenge was to create a visual identity that effectively combines a forward thinking investment approach, expertise and simplicity while being adaptable and distinctive. The discovery process is essential when creating an effective identity.

After our exploration and design iterations we landed on the use a logotype as the center of the visual identity. The typeface was chosen to provide a sense of stability and authority. The subtle pointed arch atop of the “A” alludes to progress. We felt this was a more appropriate and suitable than the arrow that has become ubiquitous in this industry



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